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A major purchase/investment

When considering a major purchase like a home or residential investment property, it's easy to be influenced by appearances unless you are a building inspection expert.

If you rush into buying without a building inspection, your lifestyle and budget could be threatened in the future. While a property may look good on the surface, some builders and home renovators take risks, cut corners or just get it wrong.

A thorough visual building inspection by Informed Building Reports before purchase can reveal building defects, repair requirements and relevant safety issues. This can inform you of the true state of affairs of the property and give you peace of mind.

Within 24 hours of having your building inspection you'll be armed with all the facts - including the condition of the roof and roof void, internal and external areas, bathrooms and other wet areas, sub floors and any timber pest activity.

Avoid having your dream property turn into a nightmare.

Get all the facts about your property investment by contacting Informed Building Reports today.


A building inspection checks for building issues and compliance requirements.  BE WARNED...that if these building defects go undetected, potentially they could be very expensive to rectify!

safety issues

A building inspection checks for safety issues in traffic areas, uneven stairs and floors, broken tiles and concrete, and inadequate swimming enclosures which can all cause serious accidents.

building defects
safety issues

get all the facts!

Contact us today for a building inspection or a build report.

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